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Thru 3D Visualization

3D Laser Scanning Will Bring Your Worksite to Your Desktop

The great thing when we have scanned the facility is we can visit it anytime thru our desktop/laptop.

Having those virtual datasets will make us understand more the site condition. It’s measurable, note-able, and explore-able anytime we like.

PT Dimensi Teknologi Indonesia

PT. Dimensi Teknologi Indonesia specialized in providing 3D Laser Scanning, 3D As Built Modeling and other 3D Visualization solution,  have been helping many industries in Indonesia with The Reality Capture Technology.

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Main Application

Design & Verification

Perform detail engineering & design as it on site. Verify the design prior “Issued For Construction” can save project from over budget due to re-work

Installation Planning

Some critical installation involving complex planning to overome extra size, limited access, lifting procedure, sequence, light gaps, etc.

Reverse Engineering

3D Laser Scanning giving you fast, accurate & seamless solution to 3D model, shop drawing, assembly drawing for your re-fabrication purpose